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Meridian: Ties that Bind

It was a pitch perfect evening of elegance for the 45th Annual Meridian Ball. The sky was clear, the moon was full and the October air was crisp and cool. As one guest remarked: “If you can find a better one let me know.”

The ball is a staple event for Washington influencers that celebrates the work of the Meridian International Center whose mission is hinged on bringing together people from around the world to create international awareness and understanding.

The evening attracts a mix of media, ambassadors, politicos and diplomats–the best-of-the-best in Washington turns out for this evening and this year did not disappoint. A blend of VIPs from dozens of countries crowded the historic house and garden mingling with dozens of government workers who were breathing a sigh of relief that they could be out and celebrating now that the infamous shutdown had ended.