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Meet the Artists at Paolo’s in Georgetown September 10

Through October 27th, Paolo’s Ristorante in Georgetown will showcase the work of two loal artists: Fabiano Amin and M. Jane Johnson. Paolo’s will open the doors to welcome guests of the artists and the public on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 6:00 – 8 :00 pm at the restaurant, 1303 Wisconsin Avenue.

Fabiano Amin
Fabiano Amin

Fabiano Amin is a Brazilian born, D.C. transplant (represented by Zenith Gallery) who’s been actively working the local art scene for the past couple of years. The work at Paolo’s is an exploration of texture, color, rich layers and shape and ability to create a strong series of landscapes. “I let the power of colors in my work speak for itself,” says Fabiano Amin.

Complement Amin’s work is the vibrant painting by M. Jane Johnson, a native Floridian, now living and working in the Washington, D.C. area. Johnson is a very physical painter who works the canvas by pouring, throwing and dripping paint and boldly scribbling lines.

Paolo’s exhibits local art on a quarterly basis. Fabiano Amin, in addition to being the featured artist this fall, is also the coordinator of the restaurants artistic efforts. He enjoys finding new artists to exhibit and display

For more information on the show or to schedule an interview with an artist or Paolo’s, contact