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'Medium Hero'

“I haven’t seen a dead body in a long time,” singer, songwriter turned author Korby Lenker told Hollywood on the Potomac while heading to Arlington, Virginia for a reading of his book Medium Hero and a musical performance at One More Page Books. “The last time was at my grandpa’s funeral. It was a thing of my childhood. My girlfriend and I did visit my parents over the holiday though and one of the features of course, when showing the girlfriend around, was to go visit my dad at the mortuary. There was a body being embalmed. I didn’t really think about that until after. Things just kind of happen without you realizing it.”

Medium Hero is a quirky collection of 27 short stories inspired by his life as a traveling musician with a cat and finding beauty in everyday life. A mortician’s son from rural Idaho, Korby now lives in Nashville where he is celebrated as the new “it” man that people can’t take their eye’s off of in the city’s rich music and literary scene.