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On Media Success & Bias

CNN’s Chief Washington Correspondent and host of “The Lead” Jake Tapper is everywhere these days – last night on a panel for Anchorman2 at The Newseum, this morning getting his caffeine fix also at The Newseum for a panel discussion spearheaded by Politico’s Mike Allen for a special media roundtable about policy, politics and the news of the day.

Tapper was joined by Peter Baker, White House Correspondent, The New York Times and author, “Days of Fire” – Mark Leibovich, Chief National Correspondent, The New York Times Magazine and author, “This Town” – Kelly O’Donnell, Capitol Hill Correspondent, NBC News.

A big issue of the roundtable was once again as to whether the media is biased. Seems that the bias gravitates to the left. “Most of my colleagues, I have no idea what their politics are, but think about it. I live in northwest Washington, none of my neighbors are evangelical Christians, I don’t know a lot of people in my kid’s preschool who are pro-life,” Leibovich said.

Tapper finds it a bit more complex than left vs. conservative.