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'The Master of Whites'

Rule number one, “Never trust anyone else to do a job you really care about.” That’s the first thing Roger Schrenk told me he learned from his early years in the DC interior design business. Rule number two? “Never make the press wait.”

Roger Schrenk
Roger Schrenk

In his debut novel, The Master of Whites, the author paints a most wickedly delicious picture of daily life as assistant to an up-and-coming interior designer. It’s a delightful romp around the circles, Dupont and Sheridan, that is.

How does a successful lawyer make it to the cover of national shelter magazines in under a year? With the help of a trusted cadre of helpers and lots of raw talent.

From renovating a former embassy without any permits to launching a furniture collection in record time, the reader is thrown into the chaotic world of grad student turned assistant/magician.

You’ll be casting the Netflix series before you’ve finished the book.