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March of Dimes

“I’m the eye candy tonight,” Honorary Chair Senator David Perdue told Hollywood on the Potomac at the 37th Annual March of Dimes Gourmet Gala to Unite Congressional Leaders, Philanthropists & Celebrity Chefs Committed to the Health of Moms and Babies held at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC featuring a celebrity chef cook-off. Bonnie Perdue co-chaired the event along with Lauren Birchfield Kennedy, Massachusetts; Suzanne Conaway, Texas; and Julie Heinrich, New Mexico.


So how do you organize such a massive event? “The March of Dimes really does it,” Bonnie told us. “This is the 37th year they’ve done the Gourmet Gala. They have a staff that is dedicated to making this event a success, so it really sort of runs like clockwork. The main thing is we have to get sponsors to renew every year. And this year, we’re excited. We have quite a number of new sponsors.” So maybe they should run Congress? “Let me tell you,” responded Senator Perdue. “This is the real world here. What a great cause! Americans have always been the most philanthropic people in the history of the world. When they see a need, they respond to it. And what these wives and spouses have done this year, along with these sponsors, is got out and made everybody aware of it. So I’m very proud of Bonnie. I’m proud of the other three co-sponsors. To have a new record this year is really remarkable.” This years’ event raised around 1.3 million.