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'Madam Secretary'

“I’m on the inherited staff from the prior Secretary of State,” Sebastian Arcelus told Hollywood on the Potomac at the premiere screening of CBS’ MADAM SECRETARY event at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington DC.

“I play Jay Whitman, her senior policy advisor who’s a bit of a hot head, a little direct. He’s a smart, very forward thinker, but he’s a bit results oriented. There’s a bit of a rub between her inherited staff and herself but they grow to really have an appreciation for each other. They think the same, they have the same intentions, but they also think a little different.”

“It’s very interesting to flip the script and join the stage department and get to be a part of this amazing piece with this remarkable group of actors and storytellers and taking on world events in a very realistically fictional way,” he added. “It’s really ambitious in the best way. We’re dealing with some major issues and not doing so in a political way but in a new exciting and human way.”