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Lovelier at 70 than at 20. Rocket Science? No. Science? Yes.

Nancy Pelosi looks better than most women of 50. What are the factors that make this possible? Speaker Pelosi is a naturally beautiful woman, but like others over the age of 50 who look good,


she has likely been having a progression of small procedures over the the years, including the use of a very good skin care regimen as well as Botox, laser treatments, etc.What kind of plastic surgery should women get at what ages? What's nice these days is that there are a number of small procedures that do not require the use of a scalpel, including Botox/fillers and a variety of chemical peels/lasers that can "buy time" or even prevent the need for traditional plastic surgery, also known as "surgical lifting procedures." In general, a checklist by age includes:20s: Begin skin care with an anti-aging complex, such as an antioxidant like Vitamin C, and sunscreen. Consider use of Botox if there is a familial tendency toward deep brow furrows or crow's feet. Chemical peels can address facial dyspigmentation (blotchiness).30s: All of the above, adding retinoic acid to skin care management for wrinkle treatment and prevention. More discreet attention to detail with possible laser treatment of spider veins or sun spots.40s: All of the above, adding growth factors and/or DNA repair serums to topical regimen and treatment of early wrinkling/sagging (lasers or radiofrequency) plus filler injections (for more prounounced facial folds).50s & above: All of the above, additing definite wrinkle/tightening procedures with lasers/radiofrequency and possibly surgical procedures (if no prior non-invasive procedures have been performed to stave off the inevitable).Does this mean that one can actually avoid surgery by getting an early start on nonsurgical treatments like Botox, laser and radiofrequency? That's exactly what it means.Is it possible to do something as simple as a treatment on the neck and chin area, and stop there? It is possible to treat certain areas (with blepharaplasty for eyelid hooding or laser skin resurfacing for facial wrinkling), but it's best to treat the entire face as a unit and take incremental steps in order to keep a more natural appearance.

Photo above by Nick Griner for Trinity University.


Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi '62 and classmate Cecelia Lynett Haggerty (left) campaign for John F. Kennedy in 1960. Photo courtesy of Trinity College.