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'Love Rules'

“The problem with Joanna Coles is that she’s not fun, she’s not interesting,” joked co-host Hilary Rosen while introducing the very fun and very interesting Joanna Coles at a launch for her book: Love Rules: How to Find a Relationship in a Digital World at Del Mar at the Wharf in Washington, DC with other hosts Maria Trabocchi, Tammy Haddad, Stephanie Ruhle, Fatima Goss Graves, Valerie Jarrett and Anita McBride.

“I think the very second I met her,” Rosen added, “I wanted to be her best friend. More important than me being her best friend, I really wanted her to like me because Joanna is the kind of person that envelopes you fully, wholly and completely and tells you something every day that you didn’t know and that you need to know. So, we are thrilled to have her in Washington DC, a city she has relentlessly visited for advocacy [as] editor of Cosmo. Now that she’s at Hearst doing all sorts of creative content, she has really pushed the envelope on the kinds of stories that all of their magazines are telling and all of the partnerships that they have created. It’s really so exciting that she’s at that level and in a position of power – as she says ‘Real corporate life’ – to do it and the fact that we can celebrate her tonight because she wrote this book on the fundamental issues of life, Love Rules.”