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Look at Us Now, Mother

“I have good news and I have bad news for me,” Emmy award winning filmmaker/TV producer Gayle Kirschenbaum told Hollywood on the Potomac regarding her earliest remembrances of her childhood. “I have very vivid, very young memories. It was clear to me very, very young that something was wrong.” That something turned out to be her mother, which is the subject of her award winning film Look at Us Now, Mother. We sat down with Gayle prior to the grand success of the movie. Here is her story.

While walking through the baby section of a department store one day, she had very vivid flashback memories of a Bird Mobile. She recalled very distinctly reaching for it as an infant in her crib, only to have it yanked away when she was within touching distance. – she would then fall and the adults would laugh. Her mother would perpetually deny she ever had a Bird Mobile, but while researching her latest film, Look at Us Now, Mother, she went back through old 8 millimeter film footage of her childhood and there was mom, big as life, “pushing the bassinet with the bird mobile that she said I never had.”