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'The Long Road Home'

Martha Raddatz is fearless in our view, but she calls it smart. Not only is she a reporter with ABC News, she is the network’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, reports for ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline and other network broadcasts, but she actually covers her stories on the ground in places most would fear to tread. We wondered where her guts came from so we asked her at the Premiere of The Long Road Home shown at National Geographic based on her best-selling book. “First of all, if anybody says to act like you’re fearless, they’re crazy because you shouldn’t be fearless, you should be smart. I go home after two weeks,” she told Hollywood on the Potomac. “I think you have to feel passionate about what you do.I feel passionate about this story, I feel passionate about the fact that 1% of our population, less than 1% of our population, serves and for those families I just feel a profound responsibility to tell those stories.”