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Loews Georgetown to add IMAX

GM learned the other day that Loews Georgetown is going to add IMAX capabilities. In case it’s been a while since you’ve visited an aquarium or science museum: IMAX is a special type of film where the frame size is significantly larger than the standard film. Traditional movies are filmed and projected with 35mm film; IMAX uses 77mm film. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s really significant.

Normally IMAX theaters are laid out quite differently than a normal theater. They have much bigger screens and the seats are on a steep grade, like the upper deck of a baseball stadium. GM’s not sure if the changes at the Georgetown theater will require dramatic construction.

Traditionally, IMAX films were dominated by documentaries and such. But in recent years, more and more mainstream movies have been also available in IMAX. GM guesses that that’s the direction they’ll go in with the Georgetown theater.

Fun fact: the roll of film needed to show a 2.5 hour IMAX film can be 6 foot in diameter and weigh over 500 lbs.