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Lighten Up

I had a few inches chopped from my mane this week. My hair usually reaches the middle of my back, so now that it’s skimming my collarbone, I feel lighter, brighter, better. I’ve embraced all things cumbersome the last several years – heavy fabrics, chunky jewelry, pattern on pattern – and I think I’ve had enough. I’m ready to streamline and elevate my fashions, my interiors, my entire sense of style. The layering, the eccentric colors; I’ve loved it all. But it may be time to move on.




row one: Mathias Dahlgren, Aerin Lauder, Hotel Claude Passart, Plaza Tower Atlanta

row two: Loop Candelabra, Katie Leede & Company, Chris Benz resort 2011, Sills Huniford

row three: Lady Grey, Loewe Fall 2010, Nestor Santa-Cruz, Koton Fall 2010