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Levain Bakery Opening Soon in Georgetown


Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald opened Levain Bakery, a small NewYork City bread shop in 1995.

One day, they created an ultimate chocolate chip walnut cookie to give them energy while training for a triathlon. They decided to sell a batch in their bakery, and they flew off the shelves. An icon was born. The cozy shop on West 74th Street quickly became a neighborhood favorite and a destination for epicurious travelers from around the world, hungry for the world-famous six-ounce cookies.

From the start they baked everything fresh on-site each day and donated the day’s leftovers to charity each night, actions that remain solidly in place almost 25 years later.

Levain Bakery has six locations with DC in Georgetown at 3131 M Street coming soon!

Curious about the name? It’s from the French word for the natural leavening agent made of flour, water and wild yeasts: Levain.

In the United States, a levain is more commonly known as a sourdough starter. While Levain Bakery is now best known for the six-ounce cookies, Pam and Connie started their business making artisanal breads for restaurants around New York City.