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Let Them Eat Cake

Welcome to the French residence for National Day, otherwise known as Bastille Day – “a holiday celebrating the storming of the Bastille—a military fortress and prison—on July 14, 1789, in a violent uprising that helped usher in the French Revolution. Besides holding gunpowder and other supplies valuable to revolutionaries, the Bastille also symbolized the callous tyranny of the French monarchy, especially King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette.” (Wikipedia) Yes, that Marie who was quoted (correctly or not) as saying: Qu’ils mangent de la brioche which translates into Let Them Eat Cake. The incident remains a part of French folklore.

“I think it has been quite a successful year for the relationship between our two countries, and especially because, of course, of the state visit by President Macron. It was the first state visit of the Trump Presidency,” said Ambassador Araud. “It was a great honor, and I really do think that the visit was quite a success. We are extremely grateful for the way that President Trump and the First Lady have greeted and welcomed President Macron and Madame Macron. I think it was a good moment, a great moment, for the Franco-American co-operation and for our friendship, and I am sure that the NATO summit coming will be also another great moment in Franco-American friendship.”