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Latifah of Journalism!

ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz shared years of admiration for Ifill professionally and as “girlfriends all the way.” She admitted to being a “61-year-old grandmother, just like Gwen’s target audience.”

Gwen Ifill, moderator and managing editor of Washington Week of which she is managing editor and co-anchors with Judy Woodruff of the daily PBS NewsHour, was honored at the 20th Annual Roast of the American News Women’s Club, held at The National Press Club.

Eleanor Clift, longtime Newsweek correspondent and now with the Daily Beast, set the tone – replaced emcee Candy Cowley who was felled by the flu – and did so with aplomb! First to the podium was Dorothy Gilliam, retired Washington Post columnist, who compared her and Gwen’s start in print journalism, noting “Ifill is one of the most successful newswomen in American history.”