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À La Vôtre!

This past Saturday was my birthday. This means many (fun) things, in particular that I enjoyed lots of bubbly. In reading my birthday cards and Facebook messages, I smiled at how many actually mentioned Champagne. It runs in the family: my mother is known for having Champagne in her veins instead of blood, and well, my sisters enjoy it just as much; it must be genetic.

Maybe it’s a European thing, but we have never reserved Champagne for New Year’s Eve. Indeed, Champagne is as common on our house as wine … Next time you head to the wine store, bring home a bottle of Champagne for one or more of these reasons:

§ In addition to the previously proven benefits of Champagne, we now know that two glasses of champagne per week helps prevent age-related memory loss and the onset of dementia.

§ Champagne is a great pairing for a number of foods, beyond oysters and caviar. Did you know that Champagne and fried foods go fabulously well together? Also, open champagne when having brie or other soft cheeses, buttered popcorn, salami, smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, fruit-based desserts, shortbread cookies, even macaroni and cheese. Why? The acidity in the Champagne cuts through the fat content of these foods.

§ Bubbles are fun! Champagne makes everything more festive, including a random Monday evening.

§ Champagne glasses are fun to collect. I like mine in pairs. I have 6 pairs of 2s, not 12 matching ones. My favorite? Sterling silver Champagne glasses. They hold the cold of the Champagne longer, and make it taste better.

§ Champagne is to wine like red is to lipstick. My mom always told me, when you are having a bad day, put on a bright red lipstick, and everything will get better. It works every time. Champagne does the same. Don’t wait to have something to celebrate to have Champagne … have it just because Champagne makes everything better!

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some favorites with which you can’t go wrong:

§ Veuve Cliquot Rose is possibly my favorite among all Champagnes, pink, bubbly, crisp, and perfect. .

§ Veuve Cliquot Brut is also a favorite, preferred by Champagne purists.

§ For something softer, sweeter, and more dessert-style (and my father’s favorite), Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial is the way to go.

§ Finally, of all of the sparkling wines, I am partial to Prosecco, perhaps because of my Italian roots. The best, and one of most affordable brands out there is Rotari.

So why let’s celebrate the fact that today is Monday, and have a glass of Champagne. Just because.