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La Vie en Rose

“I’ve been on the board for quite some time now,” Party Planner to the Stars David Tutera told Hollywood on the Potomac before boarding a plane from LA to DC for the 22nd Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Gala. “I’ve been part of this foundation for sixteen years and on the board for about ten. I started with them in DC but really got involved not only because it was an event that they asked me to do, but also I personally got involved because I have, as we all have, had many people in our families stricken by cancer and have lost friends and family.”

“Carolyn Aldigé, President and Founder, really speaks to the preventative side of cancer and not necessarily raising money for meds. She’s also working on grants across the country and across the world on preventative causes, so it’s really why I got so involved.”

“My team is already there. Because I live in Los Angeles, I have my team from New York coming in. They came in yesterday. We’ve been working on the project for several months with the Ambassador of France, and it’s going to be beautiful. They select their specific ambassadors each year from about a million choices. I’ll arrive probably around 2:00,” he explained. “I’ve already been seeing pictures from my team, and it’s been looking beautiful.”