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Kulinary Concepts Founders Launch Crowdfunding Project

Created very literally in the kitchen by Nahum Jeannot and Faith Davis, Kulinary Concepts, which started as a home-based company, now plans to revolutionize how diners view food, restaurants, and reviews.


With their crowdfunding project, Kitchen Wars: A Live Local Culinary Competition, hosting of live cooking competitions, will focus on local restaurants and chefs around the country; one city at a time. “The idea is that local restaurants will compete, local foodies will judge, and our communities will celebrate food,” said Nahum Jeannot, COO/Co-Founder of Kulinary Concepts. “What could be more fun?”

Funds raised from their upcoming Kickstarter (world's largest platform for creative projects) campaign will support the first Kitchen War slated to take place at National Harbor, Maryland in the spring of 2014. With the help of a Thomas Keller quote, “Food should be fun,” as their motto, the founders intend to engage the public in helping support their mission of food, fun and thinking outside the box.

“We just don’t believe that celebrity chefs are better than local restaurant chefs and we mean to prove it with our Kitchen Wars,” said Faith Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Kulinary Concepts. “Why should celebrity chefs receive all the fame? They’re not the only ones who can cook. Why should food critics be the only ones who vote on food? We have a voice too and we’re going to have fun using it.”


Offering an evening of being up-close and personal with excellent food and the impressive chefs that prepare it, each event will take place outdoors in a tent setting, fully equipped with exhibition kitchens. These events will make culinary history and eventually have a theme base. “We’re working toward competitions much like Top Chef and Iron Chef for local venues,” added Faith.

After an exciting launch at the Georgetown Letelier Theater, DC, this area start-up is coming to the final stretch of their crowdfunding campaign for a Foodie Competitive venture.

For more information, visit Kulinary Concepts.