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Knock Out!

"We are proud recipients of the generosity of Knock Out Abuse," said Kathleen Biden at a cocktail reception hosted by Nesrin and Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld— owners of Susheria in Georgetown — and Cheryl Masri, co-founder of Knock Out Abuse. “Since DC Volunteer Lawyers Project started, our volunteer attorneys have donated over one hundred thousand hours, allowing us to serve over five thousand people, children and victims. Knock Out Abuse was an early and loyal supporter of our program. With your help we will continue to grow and serve more victims escaping domestic abuse. For every one dollar donated to our program we’re able to leverage that into four dollars of legal services. That is a great investment. We are also proud to report that we have success in over 95% of our cases. For survivors, studies have shown that having an attorney can increase the likelihood of obtaining a civil protective order from 32% to 86%. Restraining orders, in turn, can reduce the occurrence of violence and help survivors feel safe and more empowered. Our attorneys can also help survivors through child custody and divorce.”