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Justice Network

“I’m kind of a voyeuristic type of guy and I like getting behind the scenes of real life.” Steve Schiffman.

Call them the Dream Team: Lonnie Cooper, Steve Schiffman, Barry Wallach, John Ford and Wendy Brown. These are the faces of the newly launched Justice Network who bring with them backgrounds from Bounce TV, National Geographic Channels, NBC Universal, Discovery Channel and CSE respectively. That’s a collective lot of great jobs to give up to start a new network, so naturally we wondered why they did.

Hollywood on the Potomac posed that question to new Justice Network CEO Steve Schiffman: “Actually, I spent three years initially opening up my own media consulting practice where I had a number of clients and one of them was The Washington Post, another A&E Networks and a variety of other companies. For the past three years, I’ve been the general manager of digital video here at The Washington Post and created a brand called Post TV which is the video arm of The Washington Post. I’m actually even speaking to you from The Washington Post as I transition out from this role to becoming a full time CEO of the Justice Network.”