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Jack Evans Unveils Affordable Housing Plan in Shaw Community

Jack Evans announced Saturday the steps he will take, if elected, to make the District more affordable and continue the economic development that creates jobs. Evans’s plan includes proposals to preserve existing affordable housing units and connect job-training programs to affordable housing construction. The candidate said, “Fast forward to today. At this very moment, this neighborhood symbolizes what every candidate touts they will produce for this city but not one of them can give you a tangible example as vivid as Shaw.”


The event was a press conference with volunteers and supporters where Jack Evans unveiled his policy proposal to make the District more affordable. Highlights of Evans' plan:

* Develop 20,000 More Quality Affordable Housing Units

* Increase Homeownership and Access to Affordable Housing Citywide.

* Make Property Taxes Progressive

* Preserve Existing Affordable Housing Units.

* Ensure Banks are Providing Services to All District Residents.

* Connect Job Training Programs to Affordable Housing Construction

“The current Mayor, Vincent Gray has failed to deliver on the New Communities Initiative, a project intended to replicate communities like Shaw. Even in his own ward, Ward 7, the status of Lincoln Heights is dubious and has yet to become what his administration promised. Why is that? These economic development projects are hard to accomplish, some suggest unachievable. It requires more than just an unrelenting determination. It requires experience; someone who has done it before. Something I offer and no other candidate possesses.”

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