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It’s Time To Feel Great Again

I am a catastrophizer by training. My mother was a worst-case scenario mom; telling tales of terrifying accidents that befell children who didn’t follow the rules to make sure I was always prepared. Basically, I have spent my whole life training for Covid-19; however, NOTHING prepared me for the last 4 months.

Kristen Coffield
Kristen Coffield

Before the quarantine, I used the power of my habits to keep me fit, productive, rested, hydrated, and to support my overall wellness. Then the world caught fire -- everything went out the window. In addition to the global pandemic, social unrest, and daily life filled with uncertainties, Bill and I downsized from 3000 square feet to1400 square feet in an incredibly stressful move.

The habits that glued my life together dissolved. Eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise all changed; stress was amplified, and I felt significantly less in control of my life.

Sound familiar?

We are all ready to feel good again and the struggle to make that happen is real.

The biggest challenges for most of us are:

Managing a healthy weight;

Dealing with stress;

Getting quality sleep;

Knowing what and how to eat; and

Understanding where to start.

This crazy time can be an opportunity to harness the power of disruption and use it as an agent for positive personal change. If not now, when?

Before we get too comfortable with the bad habits developed over past four months, we should each determine what we want from life and commit to getting it. We need to assess our daily habits and determine which are helping us get what we want, and which are hurting us. Aligning our habits with our goals is where change happens.

Kristen Coffield
Kristen Coffield

Habits are powerful. Forty-three percent of what we do each day is mindless repetition. We don't think about what we are doing because habits are on autopilot. This makes now is a great time to turn mindless repetition into resilient wellness and feel great again.

If we can learn to instinctively to wash our hands like doctors, social distance, wear a mask, work from home, wait patiently in line to enter a store, not touch our faces, we can learn things that create abundant health and improve the quality of our lives.

The disruption in my life was amplified by resizing. It is easier to upsize into more space than downsize into less. The commotion in the world and my personal space was a slippery slope of excuses for not doing the very things that allow me to function at my best. Things like staying well hydrated, eating with intention, regular exercise, sound sleep, and practicing mindfulness.

So, I stepped off the hamster wheel and took back the forty-three percent of mindless repetition that I let slide, creating new habits to power up my life. I want to feel great, love my body and accomplish big things every day. My habits need to work with me, not trip me up.

The current state of affairs is not an excuse for doing less, it's an opportunity to do better. Are you ready to take back your forty-three percent and turn your habits into super powers? This is a unique opportunity in our lives to reboot and get what we want out of the life that we have. Are you ready?

I developed The Culinary Cure Master Class to empower individuals to own their wellness and use food as a tool for looking and feeling their best. Because feeling great is priceless and easy, once you know how to use your habits.

Join me and create the habits you need for a lifetime of wellness and to feel great again.

Visit The Culinary Cure for the tools you need to nurture the wellness you want.