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Iron & Steel Printmaking Exhibition in Georgetown

Woodblock prints by Leslie Rose.

Washington Printmakers Gallery presents Iron & Steel Woodblock prints by Leslie Rose through June 26, 2022.

Meet the artist on June 18th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the opening reception.

The solidity of iron and steel: maybe the ephemeral nature of the past two years attracted Rose to these solid objects. Entranced by the strange structures of electric towers, bridges and fire escapes, she used the medium of woodblock printing to describe them. These carved woodblock prints are softer than their cousins – the metal originals.

In recent weeks, the bombardment of the people and land of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin has focused on the Azovstal Steel Factory as a target of destruction. The symbolism of flattening the plant is troubling and crystal clear. Sheer blunt power and its abuse. In contrast to this haunting obliteration, electric towers, bridges and fire escapes represent bastions of domestic peace we can’t take for granted.

Artist Leslie Rose works in several printmaking mediums, but finds the tactile nature of woodblock carving especially satisfying and challenging. 

Photographs are the basis of most of artist Leslie Rose's printmaking.

Washington Printmakers Gallery is located at 1641 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.