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Irma Thomas, Soul Queen of New Orleans Live at Blues Alley

The unrivaled Soul Queen of New Orleans -- a title officially bestowed by local officials, no less -- Irma Thomas, will be performing live at Blues Alley June 5th through 7th.

Thomas ranks among Crescent City R&B's greatest and most enduring musical ambassadors, never enjoying the coast-to-coast commercial success of contemporaries like Aretha Franklin and Etta James but nevertheless breathing the same rarified air in the minds of many soul music aficionados. It is difficult to believe that 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of Irma Thomas’s first recording session. She remains one of America’s most distinctive and classic singers, a treasure from the golden age of soul music who remains as compelling and powerful as ever.

“Most singers who have been recording as long as Thomas resort to tricks, mannerisms, and show-off displays, but she remains the anti-diva, a stylist of exquisite understatement whose every note rings true and hits home.” ~ Don McLeese

IRMA THOMAS$60.00 "The Soul Queen of New Orleans"Friday 6/058:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy TicketsSaturday 6/068:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy TicketsSunday 6/078:00 pm Buy Tickets 10:00 pm Buy Tickets