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Interview with NADCO President & CEO, Beth Solomon

“Own your business and own your life.” That’s the message Beth Solomon hopes to send to the attendees of the 2013 National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Women’s Business Conference in Miami. As President and CEO of National Association of Development Companies (NADCO), she impacts the lives of thousands of small business owners, connecting them to the capital they need to grow their businesses. And while she advocates for everyone, ensuring that women business owners are equipped with not only the money, but also the financial education to support their financial decisions, is what led her to this year’s conference. Beth says women have a different set of needs than men, and those needs aren’t being addressed at a granular level by other organizations. Women business owners need to be educated on the connection between their money and their life. It is her belief that building a solid financial foundation provides women with the opportunity to pursue their dreams. In Miami, Beth hopes to challenge women to pursue financial independence, get educated on the types of debt (good vs. bad) and learn how to hedge the risks of financial pitfalls. She hopes to encourage women to be cognizant of what they spend money on and how their decisions today can impact tomorrow. Her advice to women entrepreneurs is: “If you don’t establish the discipline to do effective things to fuel your business, it’s going to be very difficult to grow your business.” Beth Solomon was interviewed by Jacquie Hayes, Marketing Strategist and Content Writer at Crayons and Marketers in Nashville, Tennessee.You can learn more about NADCO at