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Must-haves in Georgetown. What are yours?

Like many of you these past couple of years, I've sharpened my online shopping (and entertainment) skills to a very fine point. But there are a few Georgetown gems I always leave home for:

Salon L'Eau After a very long search, Kate Dinia is THE best. 

Salon L'Eau
Salon L'Eau

Ultra Violet Flowers Makes me want to plan a wedding. Every time. 

Ultra Violet Flowers
Photo by Ultra Violet Flowers

LouLou Baker  When she illustrated Georgetown Cooks I discovered LouLou designs the most exquisite baby and paper gifts. 

LouLou Baker
Photo by LouLou Baker

Le Labo For Calone 17. 

Le Labo Georgetown
Photo by Judith Beermann

Georgetown Optician For as long as they've been around, almost 40 years now, where I've been getting my eyewear. This family-owned business REALLY knows glasses. Watch the film.

Georgetown Optician
Photo by Georgetown Optician

Boulangerie Christophe Croissants for breakfast, patisserie for dinner parties.

Photo by Boulangerie Christophe

Apple Because we all need a Genius at the Bar once in a while. 

Apple Georgetown
Photo by Apple Georgetown