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'I Am Jane Doe'

Backpage is not what you think it is. It’s not a catchy name for a local bar, nor is it a place for footnotes in a book. According to Cindy McCain, Backpage is an “absolute scourge…….it’s an online site selling children for sex. It hides behind the Communications Decency Act and The First Amendment. We’re enacting change in that and also enacting the ability to make sure that these guys can’t do this anymore and keep our children safe,” she told Hollywood on the Potomac at the DC Premiere screening of I Am Jane Doe at The Naval Memorial.

Joining her on The Red Carpet was Senator Claire McCaskill who added: “I have been involved in investigating Backpage for years now on the permanent subcommittee on investigations in the Senate. In fact, our investigation required the company to produce documents that had never been produced before, and we had to take that fight all the way to The Supreme Court. So, what we were able to do, by forcing those documents from them, we were able to uncover that they were complicit in selling children for sex on Backpage. And the night before the day they were finally going to have to appear, they shut down the site. So, obviously, this is one of these moments that’s incredibly rewarding for somebody who was a sex crimes prosecutor for years to be able to have a role in shutting down the most egregious location for the marketing of people, human beings, much less children is really exciting. I think trafficking goes on in every city in America. And I think that is one of the things about this movie that’s important is that there are way too many families out there that think this can never happen to our child. ….. this could never happen to someone that we know. In fact, it is happening all over our country.”