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How To Pack Everything You Need in One Carry On Bag

Over the years, many of my colleagues have observed me checking into hotels with only my rollaboard and purse for weeklong meetings. Some of them have even followed me to my hotel room to see me unpack because they were suspicious that I actually had clothes sent to the meeting separately! As a consequence, one of my colleagues dubbed me Mary Poppins (because I pack everything in a single bag except the standing lamp)!

I don’t recall any time that I have checked luggage. I refuse to travel with people who do (because I do not like to wait at the luggage carousels upon landing). The longest trip I’ve taken without checking luggage was four weeks (traveling through Europe). I must admit that my second bag grew in size during the course of that trip because of purchases made along the way.

Because of the ease of shooting the first packing video on my iPhone, it was quickly determined that additional videos could be similarly constructed.


I will be sharing a series of videos that include what beauty products I keep in my make up and toiletry bags (next week) and "cheap and cheerful” skin and hair products at CVS vs. “high end” ones at Saks or Neimans.

Over the next few months, look forward to: what’s in my medicine cabinet, best skin care regimens (or skin care 101), how best to layer products for maximum efficacy/efficiency, how to apply self-tanner, how to choose a makeup line, truth about wrinkle creams, various home remedies (eg, facial masks, sun burn treatment, bug bites), acne 101, nail care, etc ...

And now: How To Pack Everything You Need For Business Trips in Carry On Luggage