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How To Lose Weight Over the Holidays

Help for navigating social drinking and eating over the holidays.

Women are busy. We spend a considerable chunk of our lives being all things to all people. Often at the expense of our own health and happiness.

There is a LOT of pressure on women to stay fit, young, pretty, current, fashionable, and perfect in all areas. Billion-dollar industries are built on creating solutions for insecurities created by societal pressures on women.

The holiday season is here, and that adds new stressors and demands on our time and nerves. Family gatherings can be emotionally triggering, schedules change, and eating gets calorically complicated.

We all want to be at the top of our game this holiday season, feeling fit, fierce, and capable. Not exhausted, bloated, and hormonal. There is nothing better than having the energy and emotional bandwidth for all the things we enjoy that make the holidays feel special.

Imagine attending festive gatherings and events without having to worry about calories or overdoing it. Wouldn't it be great to maintain your perfect weight or even lose a pound or two in the coming weeks? And how wonderful would it be to start the New Year without feeling like you needed to undue overindulgences from the holidays.

It's totally doable when you know the strategies used by supermodels, athletes, and celebrities.

That's why I created the Busy Woman's Cheat Sheet For Losing Weight Over The Holidays. 

As an Eating Expert and Culinary Wellness Coach, I have helped thousands of women flip the switch on their habits to build bodies and lives they love.

This is NOT A DIET, but an effective plan that can be used over and over. Tips and strategies for navigating any tsunami of calories. This is an eating and drinking plan for vacations, special occasions, wedding weekends, dining out, and everyday life. Tools for gaming the system, so you stay in control and use food and drink for pleasure and purpose.

Best of all, these boss babe tips are easy and free. They are things you already do, but when you know how to do them better, you can eat, drink and be merry without packing on the pounds or feeling bloated and cranky.

Successfully navigating social eating and drinking is a three-pronged approach that encompasses before, during, and after events. Most importantly, these strategies and tips can form the basis of a healthier lifestyle.

Pre-game: Preparation for enjoying a big meal or event.

Game-on: Strategies for navigating different eating and drinking scenarios.

Post-game: Damage control for mitigating overindulgences and too much fun.

Instead of doing damage control as a New Year's resolution, start now, avoid holiday calorie creep and even lose a pound or two.

Unlike diets and restrictive eating plans, these simple hacks work for everyone and leave wiggle room for fun. What really makes this fantastic is the techniques and strategies you learn form the basis for healthier New Years' habits. 

These hacks work because they allow us to indulge a little, enjoy a lot and feel better about ourselves in the process. The Busy Woman’s Cheat Sheet For Losing Weight Over The Holidays is my gift to you this holiday season.

You can find your copy of The Busy Woman’s Guide For Losing Weight Over The Holidays, along with hundreds of recipes, articles and videos for living younger, longer and better here.