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House of Cards Designer

“I have not met Dr. Biden,” New York Designer Alvin Valley told Hollywood on the Potomac just prior to her arrival at Ann Hand Boutique in Georgetown for a special trunk show in his honor.

Often referred to as The King of Pants, the Cuban-American was recently appointed to the White House’s Initiative on Educational Excellence to work with and inspire Hispanics of heritage, like himself. “The initiative focuses on empowering Hispanic students to make new choices. A huge amount of Latinos go into the Army or Marines, but this initiative is working on encouraging them to get higher education and to dream big,” he recently remarked on how he hopes to encourage Hispanics.

Not to diminish that initiative, but guests were more interested in his affiliation with Season 3 of House of Cards for which he designed the wardrobes: “I met with Robin Wright. Most of the time I work very closely with the person who is wearing them.”