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How can it be that it is only December the first and I feel like I am already terribly, irrevocably behind schedule? I skipped Black Friday (it was 27 degrees in Michigan) and missed Cyber Monday altogether, but it wouldn't have helped me anyway because all I want for Christmas this year is a Batmobile. Not a toy, not a model- a REAL Batmobile. Ahem. It's not for me. Over Thanksgiving weekend the relatives began asking for my boys' Christmas wish lists, so when we got home I offhandedly asked my younger child what was on his list this year. It went something like this: Me: What's on your Christmas list this year? Him: Well...(thoughtful pause),


since Santa didn't bring me the real Batmobile I asked for last year, I guess that's what's on my list this year. Me: (Stunned, horrified and guilty silence) Okay, never mind that we live in the city and there's no place for a four year old to drive a mini Batmobile or that I myself have chuckled heartily over items like this in the Hammacher Schlemmer and Frontgate catalogs, but the real problem with this is that there is no such thing. And believe me I have searched. Marx made one sometime in the 1970's and they occasionally turn up on Ebay, but they are jealously hoarded by collectors and are actually pretty lame looking. The last fairly decent model was made a few years before my son was born and may have been involved in a safety recall, but you still can't find one. I actually saw one on Craig's List once for $20 but it had to be picked up in Akron or shipped for $450. Checking in with him again a few days later, I tried to reason. "Isn't there anything else you'd like for Christmas? What if Santa can't find a real Batmobile?" "His elves can make it" says he, with the air of someone talking to a person with extremely limited faculties. "So my BODY can fit in it" he added, gesturing from head to foot for emphasis and reminding me of the many, many Batmobiles of every size and style we already own, but none that can be ridden. My mistake last year (when he was three) was thinking that he wouldn't notice the lack of said item when he saw all the other Bat related merchandise under the tree (not to mention the never touched substitute scooter) or that since he has moved on to Spiderman and Iron Man he wouldn't remember last year's request, but there seems to be some kind of four-year-old principle involved: when you ask Santa for something, he is supposed to bring it. Who am I to argue? Despite the limited time frame I have actually looked at purchasing plans on line for building a Batmobile out of wood, and considered the level of my artistic skills to ascertain whether or not I could paint or stencil some other black sports car on the market to look like the Batmobile, but I know these will never pass muster with Old Eagle Eye. In the meantime does anyone have a Sears Wish Book from 1972?