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Historical Breakfast

If you get an invitation to have breakfast with The White House Historical Association – GO. Located inside of Decatur House, it is one block north of the White House on Lafayette Square, on the corner of H Street and Jackson Place. At 8 AM, it’s a peaceful retreat into history. The association is a source for background information, historical images and interviews with historians, authors, and board members (many who formerly worked in the White House) that share the many resources available for those covering the White House and feature topics relating to White House history.

A small group of journalists gathered for a round table discussion and the announcement of a new app and a discussion about their next literary venture, hosted by Board Members Anita McBride (former Assistant to George W. Bush and Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush) and Mike McCurry (Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton). “I’m going to start briefly by telling you a little context of who we are and what we do,” said Stewart McLaurin, President of the organization. “First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy realized that they needed a private resource to assist with some conservation work and restoration work we wanted to do in the White House. The government either couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t provide funding for that so she created our organization. Since 1961 we have been providing non-government funding to conservation projects in the state floor of the White House. I have bought art and furnishings for the permanent White House collection. We do that for this building we’re in, the historic Decatur House, which we operate in a co-stewardship agreement with the National Trust Historic Preservation who actually owns this building. It’s 200 years old this year, so we’re doing a celebration. Our next book that we will release is actually on The Decatur House and this historic property.”