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Helene Schmitz Dreamland Photography March 25

Join the Virtual Grand Opening of “Dreamland”: Photography by Helene Schmitz presented by the Embassy of Sweden on Thursday, March 25, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (ET). Register here.

Helene Schmitz’s work is a photographic account of the unprecedented extraction and depletion of natural resources in Sweden. "Dreamland" consists of two photography series that examine human-induced changes in bedrock and forest at two different locations: “The Bedrock” focuses on the Aitik mine outside Gällivare and “The Forest” displays the aftermath of a forest fire in former production forests of Västmanland.

Schmitz links her photographs to the rich tradition of landscape painting, using a large-format, analogue camera that lets the spectator observe both the overall vista and the small details. She calls her photographs in the "Dreamland" series “a meditation on man’s relation to nature – a global, highly industrialized and automated transformation of landscapes.”

"Dreamland" is curated in collaboration with Embassy of Sweden in USA and consists of twelve photographs, newly composed music by Lisa Montan, and the sound installation “The Messenger” (2020). “The Messenger” was also part of the group show Silent Spring in Stockholm 2020.

The program will be livestreamed.

If you have a question for the artist, please contact Jenny Mahlqvist Cabezas at