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Have You Seen the SKIN IS IN Buses?

Launched last September by world-renowned dermatologist (and Georgetowner), Dr. Tina Alster's new new line of skin care, SKIN IS IN has been getting lots of national buzz, and now can be seen everywhere around the city ... on buses!

As most of know, good skin care begins with daily sunscreen ... for everyone in the family including husbands and children.


With SKIN IS IN, Dr. Alster has cut through the hype, offering six custom color-coded kits for every man, woman, teen and child. All available online.

As Dr. Alster recommends, "Good skin care habits should start early, with kids and teens getting in the habit of putting on a daily SPF in the morning in the same way they brush their teeth. Not only is children’s skin more vulnerable to damage by the sun’s rays, but people on average get 80% of their lifetime sun exposure by age 18."

It’s important to protect the soft, beautiful, and delicate skin children are born with.

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