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Hangover Part 1

The only heavy lifting going on at TOOLBOX DC on Sunday morning were the Bloody Marys. Otherwise known as an exercise & Pilates spot, it was taken over by CNN for their political hangover party.

We didn’t know that CNN folks were into hangovers, but noticed a little bit of advice they posted on their site. (Edited of course for your reading pleasure, since you probably still have a hangover.)

“(CNN) Here’s the secret to avoiding a hangover:

Don’t drink. Or at least drink in moderation. OK, if you know yourself too well and can’t help but over-enjoy, then you may want to read this carefully – preferably in a dark room without a lot of noise if you just desperately did an Internet search for “hangover cure.” Symptoms include being tired, thirsty, having a headache or muscle aches, sleeping poorly, suffering from an increased sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness, red eyes, shakiness, depression and an inability to concentrate.

Drinking water as you consume alcohol can help with the dehydration issue. Eating a little something can help your stomach. But other than avoiding alcohol altogether, the only other way to ease your symptoms is simple: Try to sleep it off. You will feel better, eventually.” Thank you for that CNN, we feel better already!