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Gripped by Crazy Love, a true story

If you and I met at one of our children's birthday parties, in the hallway at work, or at a neighbor's barbecue, you'd never guess my secret: that as a young woman I fell in love with and married a man who beat me regularly and nearly killed me. My throat clenches at that introduction to Crazy Love, the second book out by Georgetowner Leslie Morgan Steiner. The book is so absolutely fascinating that I must bring it to the attention of dear readers of The Georgetown Dish. The literary talent in Georgetown never ceases to amaze. Hidden behind a perfect-looking, normal family, the narrator is madly in love with her husband who adores her also, but beats and chokes her. How does this work?I don’t look the part. I have an MBA and an undergraduate degree from Ivy League schools. I live in a red brick house on a tree-lined street in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Washington, DC. I’ve got 15 years of marketing experience at Fortune 500 companies and a best-selling book about motherhood to my name. A smart, loyal husband with a sexy gap in his front teeth, a softie who puts out food for the stray kittens in our alley. Three rambunctious, well-loved children. A dog and three cats of our own. Everyone in my family is blonde (the people, at least). But beat her he does.We all have secrets we don't reveal the first time we cross paths with others. This is mine. Steiner is so wise as she analyzes her reluctance at leaving him despite recognizing his own problems from a battered childhood. It is absorbing. Fortunately the author is happily married now to a great fellow and has three children - here in our Georgetown - but her important work continues. Her website lists many resources for women facing violence I found Leslie's video very moving.... The book is available at Amazon.