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Governator is Victorious at Documentary Premiere

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had every right to be in a very good mood at last night’s Washington premiere of “Gerrymandering” at the E Street Cinema presented by The Impact Arts & Film Fund and Green Film Company. Not only are his efforts on behalf of Proposition 11 highlighted in the docu-flick, but Proposition 14 passed on Tuesday in his state. “With those two together and the passing of both, we will now get politicians moving back to the center,” said the Governor. “Now we will be beholden to the people, not the politicians.” The word gerrymandering (often referred to as redistricting) originated in 1812 via then Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts who redrew the electoral districts to benefit his party. The terminology stuck and is used today to imply the same and the act of gerrymandering lives on.

What is so shocking here is how gerrymandering happens and how it threatens Democracy which is the basis of the movie....

Washington premiere of "Gerrymandering" from Janet Donovan on Vimeo.