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Goût de France!

The best restaurant in Washington, DC is at the residence of The Ambassador of France Gérard Araud. So says he, so say we….and so says the rest of the world who simultaneously celebrated GOÛT DE FRANCE, LE 21 MARS 2017 – a dinner to celebrate gastronomy worldwide. In 150 countries around the world, restaurants and embassies offered 1500 dinners to celebrate France’s gastronomy by inviting the public to share a “French dinner.” In each participating restaurant, the event paid tribute to a vibrant, open and innovative cuisine, while remaining true to its values of sharing, pleasure, respect for good food and for the planet. The Goût de France/Good France project was organized on the initiative of Alain Ducasse and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

In the words of the great French Chef Alain Ducasse: “French cuisine is the interpreter of a cuisine that has evolved towards lightness in harmony with its environment. The common point of this event is generosity, sharing and the love of what is beautiful and tastes good. It will be a delightful interlude and an opportunity to celebrate French cuisine worldwide.”