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Ghosts and Spies Tour of Georgetown

Enjoy a Georgetown walking tour about the people and places in Georgetown where political scandals and espionage have taken place.

Historic, alluring Georgetown is today famous for its Halloween parties and parades. A thriving, antebellum tobacco port, it was a place of bitter contention during the Civil War, and long a site of political scandal and mysterious deaths, and a cockpit of Cold War, WW2 & contemporary espionage.

A perfect place for a Halloween horror tour of scandal, murder, misbehavior and intrigue--bracketed by some of the nation's finest architecture! And perhaps a pub or restaurant afterwards.

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When: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 5:45 pm. Two hours.

Where: Meet outside the 1789 Restaurant, 1226 36th Street and Prospect Street in Georgetown.

The action-packed itinerary will select from the following persons & events:

• The most haunted house in America

• The Ghost inside the machine

• The Lincolns and the supernatural

• The woman spy who trick-or-treated France, Hitler--and J. Edgar Hoover

• Exorcisms and executions

• A famous journalist and witch

• A Founding Father’s brush with the Devil

• Mysterious hideaways along the Underground Railroad

• Mysteries of the Old Stone House

• The murdered lover of a beloved President

• The secret lair where the C.I.A. was founded

• George Washington’s bodyguard, and a presidential murder

• The nephew of Mark Twain, and his scheme for eternal life

• Daring spy escapes

• A famed female author’s brush with war-time horror

And more!!

Who: Your host is the author of many books of history, including his latest, The Lost History of the Capitol - The Hidden and Tumultuous Saga of Congress and the Capitol Building.