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Getting Out of Hell!

“I just can’t thank you enough for gathering tonight for the celebration party for the release of my audio book Rise to The Sun: 7 Footsteps in 7 Prayers for Getting Out of Hell,” said author Richard J.Marks during a ZOOM book party with friends. “You’ll learn a little bit about the book, but what I really wanted to do tonight is make it a party more than anything else. It’s not to educate, it’s to just be together; so I hope you’ll take a pause when you listen to some of the material in there. I narrated the book during COVID and so it was important to me in the making of the presentation to share with you that we are still all connected during COVID. Lots of things have happened to bring us closer to each other during this time. I’m going to just say greetings from New York City where everything has changed this year. COVID-19 in my book, interestingly, are intertwined. Part of the audio book is music and singing is how we share and it’s also how we pause. And so in the next top hour, we’ll share not just with words, but with audio and visuals, video and music and blend spirituality and culture.”

Book synopsis: “Rise to the Sun: 7 Footsteps and 7 Prayers for Getting Out of Hell plays with travel and journey in two senses – forward on a physical road and into the heart of the self. This book on spiritual healing is a voyage to freedom set in the context of our times. A timely and necessary work, Rise to the Sun illustrates how humankind must seek to heal its own innate suffering before it can hope to succeed in healing the various external crises affecting our planet. The 7 Footsteps and 7 Prayers unlock a kinder, gentler, and long-lasting engine for transformation. As we leave hell behind, we unlock and unchain all that prevents us from being worthy of love. This gentle book guides us to feel safe in the face of change – to actualize new ways of seeing life and gaining freedom. The art of living is learning to be good to ourselves. The author, along with the brave women and men who open up their stories and teachings, are our living teachers.”