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Georgetown Village is Here to Help At All Times

Written by Henrietta LaMotte

During normal times, Georgetown Village provides many services that members might not think to ask about. We have volunteers who help members; organize shelves or cabinets, declutter closets or other areas, assist with spring planting or a fall yard cleanup, switch over winter and summer closets, learn computer software, program remote controls, create online photo albums for printing, etc.

In addition, the Georgetown Village has a lending closet of durable medical equipment. This includes canes, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. If you have a need for such equipment please call the office and, if necessary, we can have a volunteer deliver this equipment to you.

Our volunteers are also happy to prepare meals for members who are unable to cook due to illness or other issues. Of course, we provide transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, plant stores, etc. In addition, volunteers are happy to visit members who are unable to go out, or make daily phone calls to check in and chat.

Georgetown Village also has copies of the File of Life forms for our members to keep your medical information updated. This form comes in a magnetic case to put on your refrigerator as a handy location to grab from in the event of an emergency.

During this time of self-isolating to protect yourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic the Village has also increased our services. We have been calling our members to check in and see what else we can be doing. Do you want a meal delivered from a local restaurant? Can we do your shopping for you? Would you like a phone buddy to prevent yourself from being bored? Looking for ways to entertain yourself online? Join our conference calls and virtual trips that we describe in the weekly email blasts. We have visited the Rijksmuseum and discussed it via a conference call, and we will hold our book discussion the same way. We also have a list of all the books our group has read and discussed. You can read one and we can tell you who in the book group you can call to discuss it.

In addition, our Village is offering programing using the ZOOM platform so members can see each other while speaking. Our volunteers have been helping our members learn to use ZOOM and we had our first ZOOM Happy Hour last week. Members poured themselves a drink, and then sat in front of their computer catching up with other members. Remote computer training by volunteers is available to our members to help them stay involved with their friends and families during this time.

Recently, we were able to provide about 75 masks to our members and volunteers. These colorful fabric masks were handmade by friends of the Village and distributed by our staff and GV Board President Toni Russin.

Georgetown Village membership is open to neighbors aged 55 and over who live in Georgetown, Burleith, Hillandale, and nearby areas. Remember, Georgetown Village offers peace of mind at all times!