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Georgetown students ranked "most annoying" in D.C.

According to the blog called D.C. Shitlist, Georgetown University has the "most annoying" student body of any school in the District.

"Big ups to the Hoyas for absolutely destroying the competition in this poll," says the blog. Georgetown received received 216 of the 346 registered votes.

"The 216 votes were good for just over 62% of the total. GWU and American finished a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively; Howard, Catholic, and UDC were mere afterthoughts in the poll of most annoying student body in D.C."

"To those college kids involved in the poll: Remember, we still love you," says the blog. "You’re just kind of annoying."

D.C. Shitlist describes itself as "a blog about shitty things in the nation's capital." Other things that have earned a place on D.C. Shitlist include:

#1: Taxi Drivers That Try To Screw With Locals Thinking We’re Tourists

#2: Old Men Who Stay At Bars After Happy Hour and Hit On Young Girls

#5: The Fact That The Metro Delays Are Announced By Such an Overly Kind Voice #6: Downtown Not Having Any Recycling Bins