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Georgetown chalks up expensive professors, too

Georgetown University professors are paid more than any in the area, according to survey data from the American Association of University Professors as reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education last month, reports Vox Populi.

Georgetown ranks first, paying its full professors $158,90AU ranks second, and GW ranks third.

The list below ranks schools by full professor salary. The second figure is for assistant professors.

1. Georgetown University: $158,900, $88,900

2. American University: $152,000, $70,600.

3. George Washington University: $146,400, $82,100

4. University of Virginia: $136,500, $76,300

5. University of Maryland: $134,400, $82,400

6. George Mason University: $127,300, $68,500

7. U.S. Naval Academy: $125,800, $81,800