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Gender Equality

“The theme of the discussion today is gender equity, equal pay and how do we get there? Today’s discussion is the topic of high relevance all over the world,” said The Ambassador of Iceland Geir H. Haarde who hosted a panel discussion with his wife Inga Jóna Þórðardóttir at their residence in collaboration with The Institute for Education Founder and CEO Coach Kathy Kemper. “It’s always the same thing. Christine Legarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, put it this way: ‘The failure to unleash women’s potential is one of the great tragedies and missed opportunities of our time.'”


“My own country for several decades has put a lot of emphasis on this issue,” he added. “The World Economics Forum in Switzerland ranks countries every year and Iceland has been on the top of the list or number one for nine years in a row.”