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Future of Afghanistan

“One of the beauties of democracy is that new ideas come to surface and new administrations come in and have different focuses and different priorities,” Afghanistan’s Ambassador Dr. Hamdullah Mohib said in response to a question posed by Hollywood on the Potomac as to how things have changed for the people of Afghanistan as well as the relationship with the United States since Ashraf Ghani took over as President. “The priority of this current government, the National Unity Government, is making sure that Afghanistan becomes a self-reliant country, so we are increasing revenue – that’s a big focus for us. To do that, it means we’re not only finding new ways to bring new revenue, but making sure that we collect more taxes and more revenue from customs by introducing reforms – that includes anti-corruption measures and also introducing new systems to put in place so that the processes become faster to make it easier for people to make new investments that would encourage more and more trade in Afghanistan.” The occasion for the discussion was a dinner party in his honor hosted by Juleanna Glover and Ryan Wegman at Glover’s Kalorama residence in Washington, DC.