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Frida Kahlo Online Self-Portrait Class June 25th

Isn't it time for a real selfie?

Join the London Drawing Group for a Portrait Class on June 25th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm EDT and explore the life, works, techniques and symbolism of one of the world's greatest painters, Frida Kahlo.

This online class is open for all ages with a pay as you can suggested donation of $10. Purchase tickets here.

Explore one of Frida's favorite mediums of self expression; the self-portrait, an amazing introduction to the perfect way of staying creative at home.

Students will be working from themselves in a mirror, or if you have a handy portrait sitter in the house, you can work from them.

They will be exploring personal symbolism so your tutor will send you a list of things to get ready for the class, all of which you can find around your home.

No other artist has taken such advantage of the medium of self-expression offered by the self-portrait, her paintings ooze personal suffering, triumph, love and tragedy through a simplicity and frankness often interwoven by complex symbolism. Through this class you will be given a brief overview of Frida's incredible life, the techniques and styles she pioneered, followed by a series of specially designed exercises that will help you explore Frida's personal way of working, help you learn to express yourselves through painting, AND create a great self portrait.

Although it may sound simple, the self-portrait is an art in itself, and LDG tutor Luisa-Maria MacCormack @luisamariamfineart will be on hand to guide you through the most common pitfalls and mistakes as she will be drawing and painting along with you! Working in glorious color in honor of Frida herself, this class will be a truly unique opportunity to take your drawing to a very personal place.


Not everyone will have the exact same materials at home during lockdown, so don't worry if you haven't got exactly these.

You'll need:


Some kind of pencils for drawing on top: PASTEL PENCILS, WATERCOLOR PENCILS, DRAWING PENCILS


Paper that will not warp too much when you paint on it

Some kind of plants/flowers to draw from, if you haven't got any handy don't worry, you can always just print some pictures out

A few objects that have personal meaning to you for the 'SYMBOLISM' part of the class - these can be absolutely anything that mean something to you, they could be something you have around your house, or something from which you can print a photo.

For example:

A photograph of a loved one

A ring from your Grandfather

A paint palette

You don't have to have more than one, and if there's any confusion please ask:

The Zoom link is embedded in your confimration ticket and on June 25th you will receive two Zoom links.