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First Amendment

“I have remained involved with The First Amendment Awards since I was responsible for starting them back in 1979,” Christie Hefner told Hollywood on the Potomac just prior to the awards presented at The Newseum in Washington, DC. “They’re now done under the auspices of the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation rather than the company. This is actually not the first time we’ve been in Washington. We’ve been in Washington at The Newseum twice before and have been in other cities – a lot in New York, Chicago some. One year we were in Texas when Molly Ivins was a winner. Then the last few years in LA where it was possible to do them in the backyard of The Playboy Mansion and [making it] possible for my father to participate. But, of course, now my father has passed away and someone else is living in the mansion. It seemed a particularly good time to come back to Washington with the focus on more than ever the imperative of an independent and free press.”