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The Female Factor

“We looked several years ago at events that were going on in Washington around the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and we realized there was nothing that celebrated great women,” said Gloria Dittus of Story Partners; thus the 2nd Annual Welcome to Washington: A Salute to Women in Journalism event evolved.

The April 23rd event hosted by Gloria at her home in Northwest Washington was co-hosted by Christina Bellantoni, Roll Call; Juliana Goldman, CBS; Tamara Keith, NPR; Kate Nocera, Buzzfeed and Nedra Pickler, AP and sponsored by Southern Company and CQ Roll Call.

SPOTTED: Betsy Fischer Martin, Heather Podesta, Mike Gallagher, Kent Knutson, Theresa Fariello, Katie McBreen, Susan Neely, Jane Adams, Ali Amirhooshmand, Kathleen Black, Jessica Blake, Abby Blunt, Rebecca Cooper, Francesca Chambers, Steve Lombardo, Daniel Lippman, Tamera Luzzatto, Laura Nichols, Debra Cabral, Lois Romano, Deirdre Walsh, Ellie Hall, Katherine Trinidad, Cameron Coursen, Carrie Blewitt, John Tass-Parker, Alexis Levinson, Lauren French, Jared Parks, Hadas Gold, Greg Staley, Byron Tau, David Ellis, Bryan Anderson, Jack Bonnikson, Suzanne Ffolkes, Marie Sylla, and Chris Gindlesperger.