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En Fin!

The Inaugural Gala event hosted by Ambassador Mary Ourisman at Cafe Milano in Georgetown reminded us of old times when Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and fellow legislators left their partisan bickering on the House floor and morphed into friends when the sun went down.

Such was the case this night when Right-Center-Left made up an eclectic and animated guest list that crossed party lines, emphasizing the peaceful transition of political power. That transition was best described by Democratic consultant Jack Quinn: “I think with all of these transitions you know they’re a testament, as others have said today, to the strength of our democracy. Power moves from one administration to the other peacefully and without incident, and we saw that happen today. And you know, everybody’s going to have to take some time to do a little adjusting to make sure that we find ways to work together cooperatively and try to do the best thing possible for the country.”